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As seen in many cities throughout the nation, even in regions within California, local news outlets with the power of print, photography and footage, can make the difference for individuals and families to help them obtain their right to a denied claim, regardless of what kind of claim it is, be it medical or any other sort of insurance claim.

In Orange County, Florida, a local television news source helped a family rebuild their damaged home. Action 9, an affiliate of Cox Media Group, was called by a family after the family’s insurance company denied their claim after their home was damaged by water and mold, a repair which would have cost the family tens of thousands of dollars. The call was put into the Action 9 consumer unit three months ago after a huge plumbing leak wrecked wood floors and cabinets, and left black mold to coat the walls of the family’s home.

Frantic and panicked, the woman, having contacted her insurance company, said the company denied her damages claim because she had no insurance. “My mortgage company did not pay for my insurance,” the woman reported.

The woman presented records to Action 9’s Todd Ulrich in which Ocwen Financial Services actively collected insurance escrow payments from the family, but in turn did not pay their insurance premium. As a result, Ulrich called Ocwen, which touts a hefty F rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, the company did not return his calls. Action 9 then assisted the woman as she contacted an insurance adjustor who took up the case, which soon culminated in the family’s settlement with both Ocwen and the insurance company. Because of nondisclosure rules, the family is not allowed to reveal the exact terms of the settlement.

There are many resources to help you obtain your just insurance claim from companies who believe they can deny them by any means necessary. While this Florida family was lucky to have a local television station advocate for them, regardless of whether your insurance claim is medically related or involves property damage, the best representation is proper legal advice depending upon your particular situation.

Source: WFTV.COM, “Action 9 helps family fight insurance denial” No author given, Sep. 06, 2013

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