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Longterm Injury And Disability Benefits In The NFL | DarrasLaw Podcast

“There are diehard listeners who say, “[H]ey look, it’s a violent sport… you’re making large dollars to play in the NFL you’ve got to anticipate that with that comes problems. But, I don’t think that anybody anticipated that multiple hits to the head were going to cause concussion syndrome, encephalopathy, and other problems.” – Frank N. Darras

In 1980, there were only four men playing in the National Football League (NFL) that weighed 300 pounds or more. Today, over 300 active players weigh 300+ pounds. It’s a fact that in the past 30 years, professional football players have gotten bigger, faster and stronger.

In this episode of the DarrasLaw Podcast, Gary Poszik of Health, Wealth and Happiness, talks to Frank Darras, America’s Top Disability Insurance lawyer who represents numerous professional athletes, about the long-term health repercussions, including permanent or long-term disabilities that can occur while playing this game.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • The potential impact repeated concussions can have on long-term health of a player
  • What life is like for former NFL players that have suffered permanent injuries
  • How difficult it can be for former players to recieve personal injury benefits from the NFL
  • The average career length of a pro football player

This audio is approximately 27 minutes in length.

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