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“When disaster strikes, it’s not a time to test our memory.” Top Insurance Attorney, Frank N. Darras

With storm season nearly upon us – and disaster-caliber flooding having already hit Colorado – the time to think about insurance coverage is now. If you aren’t protected, you should contact an insurance lawyer to discuss your options. If you are covered, you should be thinking about inventorying your belongings.

If you lose everything to a storm, tornado or other natural disaster, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare before you had too. In the aftermath of a terrible storm, making a list of your possessions – and actually remembering everything that you had or have lost – is the wrong time to do so.

Now is the time to take a full and complete inventory of your property. Don’t forget the garage, the shed or inside each of your drawers. Write it all down. Take a video of your home in its proper condition.

If you lose your home to a serious storm, you’ll be glad you took these steps before you actually had to.

Source: DarrasLaw Newsletter “September-October 2013

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