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“Let’s make sure that they’ve got collision coverage. Let’s make sure they get comprehensive covereage,” commented Frank N. Darras during a recent radio show with Gary Poszik of Health, Wealth and Wellness.

If your child is fortunate enough to take a car to school, it’s important to have a sit-down discussion with him or her about the responsibilities that go along with it. A mistake that can lead to serious problems? Your son or daughter lending the car to another student who is uninsured and causes an accident. Another serious issue? A friend bringing and open container of beer or alcohol into your son or daughter’s car, or even worse, drugs. In either scenario – the crash or the drugs/alcohol  -you, your child and your insurance will be on the hook for any problems.

Warn Your College Student About The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Have you checked the laws regarding cellphone use behind the wheel in the state where your student will be attending school? On average, a person with a smartphone looks at that phone 350 times in one day. In California, if just one of those times is behind the wheel, it’s a $300 ticket for simply touching your cell phone, if it’s not mounted in your car, while driving.

If you cause an accident while behind the wheel because you are distracted by a cell phone, the police will find out. They may confiscate the phone itself or secure records from the phone company. Just put the phone down.

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