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Steroid and Other Performance Enhancing Drug Use in Major League Baseball | DarrasLaw Podcast

With Major League Baseball playoffs now in full swing, Gary Poszik of Health, Wealth and Happiness, along with Frank Darras – the nation’s top disability attorney – take a step back to discuss steroids and the use of other performance enhancing drug and its effects on the game.

Darras pulls back the curtain to explain some of the disability issues that are involved in the Alex Rodriguez story. To date, 99 players have been charged with the use of a performance enhancing drugs by Major League Baseball. Many of those charged are some of the best and most gifted players of this era.

As we know, Major League Baseball is steeped in tradition, with a history that goes back as far as the 1800s. This historical perspective is evident in the references and statistical comparisons that are often made during baseball games. However, since performance enhancing drugs like steroids have influenced the modern era of baseball it gets more difficult to compare the modern slugger to legendary players that played without the aid of substances.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Penalties for performance enhancing drug use in Major League Baseball
  • The potential ramifications and outcomes of the developing Alex Rodriguez story
  • How the MLB is struggling to figure out what to do with “Steroid-era” super stars
  • Players like Pete Rose that have been blocked from the Hall of Fame due to off field decisions
  • The far-reaching effects of drug use penalties in the MLB

This episode of approximately 28 minutes in length.

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