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Take Time to Consider Long-term Care Insurance | DarrasLaw Podcast

“When you don’t want a stranger coming into your house to help you… some of these policies let you do that. They let you have a friend or relative give you those at-home things that you need. This is why Im a huge fan of long term care insurance that provides at-home care benefits,” notes insurance lawyer Frank Darras.

There are numerous life events that require considerable time, effort and planning ahead, like:

  • Sending a child to college. Often years are invested evaluating schools, studying for exams, applying for scholarships and saving money.
  • Wedding preparation. Often brides and grooms will take months to consider and plan the smallest of details of the ornament on their wedding cake to where they will honeymoon.

As insurance attorney Frank Darras shares in this episode of the DarrasLaw Podcast, planning for long term care should be on this list as well, but too many people do not take the time to consider it. Why is that? One reason is that it forces us to look ahead and consider how we will be cared for when we are no longer able to do so for ourselves, something many people would rather not think about.

There is little certainty as to what lies ahead for each of us. Some of us will need to be cared for around the clock in a nursing home. Others will be able to be self-sufficient well into our 80s or 90s. We can’t accurately predict what care we each will need and that means that long term care planning requires being prepared for all possibilities.

Learn how you can be better prepared for the future, plus commentary from Gary Pozsik of Health, Wealth and Happiness in this week’s episode.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to recieve long-term care benefits
  • Why planning for care in the home or nursing home is critical
  • Why you should begin investing in long-term care coverage early
  • Tips for determining the correct policy for you
  • Reasons this may be the most ignored type of insurance

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