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Those who serve in the United States military, as well as those who have done so in the past, receive some of the best benefits in the world. There is nothing wrong with this, as these people have put their life on the line to ensure the safety and well being of their fellow countrymen.

Unfortunately, there are times when things don’t work out, as far as benefits are concerned, in the way they are intended.

According to a recent report and investigation by CBS 11 out of North Texas, the Veterans Administration is lagging behind as they work hard to make their way through a backlog of medical claims.

Our California readers will find this story interesting, as there are veterans in their home state as well.

The news investigation uncovered a new problem that veterans and their family members are facing. Disability insurance claims are being denied, and in many cases the appeals process is taking several years, in some cases a decade or longer, to be approved by the appropriate party.

In many cases, these veterans are passing on, without ever receiving their benefits, thus leaving their spouse or children behind to fight on their behalf.

Many veterans continue to face this issue, regardless of location or personal situation. Regardless of your background, even if you did not serve in the military, a denied claim is a big deal. Hiring an attorney with experience in this area of the law may be the best decision to make when faced with this undesirable circumstance.

Source:  CBS DFW, “Veterans Dying Waiting On Disability Benefits” Mireya Villarreal, Nov. 22, 2013

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