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NCAA could be dragged into long-term disability lawsuit

From one side of the country to the next, long-term disability lawsuits are common. Many people find that they have insurance, but their provider does not want to pay them the benefits. Along with this, there are lawsuits associated with injuries that could have led to a disability.

Our California readers, especially those who have an interest in football, will find this story out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, interesting. A former college football player for California University of Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh firefighter, has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. The man, along with his wife, both believe that the disease was caused by concussions that were suffered while playing college football for five years.

The couple recently filed a federal lawsuit, claiming the NCAA was aware of what these types of injuries could do but did not take the steps necessary to warn the man or any other players, for that matter.

According to the man’s attorney, even when he suffered a concussion and was knocked out cold, he was still going back into the game to compete. This happened despite the fact that there was plenty of research prior to his playing days that discussed the potential consequences of such brain injuries.

The NFL has dealt with similar issues in the past, and recently settled a lawsuit with past players who have suffered long term disability due to head injuries.

Anybody who feels that they have the grounds to file a long-term disability lawsuit could benefit from a consultation with an experienced attorney who evidences past success in this area of the law.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review, “Former college football player, city firefighter sues NCAA over concussions” Brian Bowling, Dec. 17, 2013

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