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Group disability insurance, one step past basic health care

In today’s age, more people than ever before are discussing the ins and outs of the health care landscape. This includes individuals who purchase their own health insurance, as well as those who receive benefits through their employer.

Regardless of your location, group disability insurance is something that your employer may offer. While some have long realized the advantages of offering this type of coverage, others are just now beginning to come around.

There are a variety of ancillary benefits that may not receive as much attention as health insurance, but have just as much to offer. This can include but is not limited to disability, life, vision, and dental.

With a disability insurance policy in place, workers don’t have to concern themselves with what would happen should they be unable to perform their duties. Instead, they could take advantage of the benefits that are made available to them. This would allow them to continue providing their family with the money needed to maintain their current level of living.

Many employers have come to realize that disability insurance is not nearly as expensive as some make it out to be. Depending on the level of coverage, as well as the industry, long term coverage can typically be had for no more than $25 per month.

Employers that provide employees with group disability insurance are doing something beneficial for their company as well as their workers. In the event that a claim is denied, the employee many need to consult with an employment law attorney who can help them receive the money they deserve.

Source:  The Marietta Daily Journal, “Employee Benefits: Looking Beyond Health Care” David Bottoms, Feb. 03, 2014

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