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Disability insurance fraud case grows bigger

No matter if you are one of our California readers or live closer to the story in New York, you may be keeping up with the news regarding the many New York City police officers and firefighters who have bee charged with social security disability insurance fraud. While investigators have been working on this case for almost two months, they have not slowed down in terms of arresting those who were involved.

Recently, the roundup continued with 16 people from the New York Police Department being arrested. Along with this, arrests also included four members of the Fire Department of New York, one person who worked at both agencies, one who held a position with the Department of Correction, and six who held other jobs.

Investigators spanning a number of states arrested 28 people related to as many as 1,000 fraudulent claims stretching back as far as 26 years.

According to documents released by the Manhattan district attorney, charges include grand larceny and attempted grand larceny. All of the people who have been arrested are believed to have taken part in a scheme to illegally obtain Social Security disability payments.

This is an important story for people all over the United States as it shows that authorities are not going to stand for any sort of disability insurance fraud. This is a big deal regardless of who is being scammed, including the Social Security system and private insurance companies.

In the event of a denied claim that a person legally has a right to, consulting with an attorney is an idea to consider.

Source:  The Wall Street Journal, “Investigators Make More Disability Fraud Arrests” Sean Gardiner, Feb. 25, 2014

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