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Long term care insurance a big part of disability plan

Many people have a hard time understanding that there may come a time down the road when they are unable to care for themselves. This holds true for people from California to New York and everywhere in between.

To protect against this, it is important to create a disability plan as soon as possible. For many, this means purchasing long term care insurance.

For some baby boomers, one of their biggest fears is getting stuck with large medical bills later in life. To help protect against this, some are realizing the importance of purchasing long term care insurance.

This type of policy is meant to cover assistance with daily activities, ranging from bathing to eating and much more. This type of care can be provided in a nursing home, residential care facility, assisted living center or other similar establishment.

The topic of long term care insurance is one that many people avoid. This is not necessarily because they don’t want to purchase coverage. Instead, they don’t understand this type of policy, meaning that they are concerned about making a poor decision. Despite the fact that there is no standardized long term care insurance policy, by comparing multiple options, it is possible to make an informed, confident buying decision.

Anybody who is planning for the future should consider the benefits of long term care insurance. Although this type of coverage may never be needed, it is better to be safe than sorry. With a policy in place, there is no concern that you will not have the money to pay for future care if needed.

Source:  The Sacramento Bee, “Long-term care insurance: Who needs it? What does it cover? What will it cost?” Claudia Buck, Apr. 01, 2014

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