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Disability insurance helps you prepare for the unexpected

If you knew what the future held, it would be easy to purchase the appropriate type and amount of insurance. However, this is not how life works. You never know what the future holds, which is why you should consider the many types of insurance that can keep you safe in the event of a disability or accident.

Many people neglect to look toward the future, meaning that they don’t purchase the appropriate amount, if any, disability insurance. Regardless of your career or personal situation, you should consider the benefits of purchasing this type of policy. Not only is it something you do for yourself, but it is something you do for the well being of your family.

It is easy to get caught thinking that nothing bad will ever happen to you. But once again, you have no way of knowing what lies ahead. With disability insurance, you can protect against a potential loss related to a sickness or injury.

Take this into consideration: The Council for Disability Awareness said that a non-smoking 35-year-old female, 5’4″, 125 pounds, who works an office job, has a 24 percent chance of being disabled for a period of three months or longer while working. A male, also 35 years old and in good health, has a 21 percent chance of this happening.

Even though there is no way of knowing what the future holds, this does not change the fact that you can purchase a disability insurance policy. From California to New York, everybody needs to consider how this type of coverage fits into their life.

Source:  The Marietta Daily Journal, “Disability insurance: The importance of preparing for the unexpected” David Bottoms, Jun. 02, 2014

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