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NFL Players Have an Average Career of 3.9 Years | DarrasLaw Podcast

The Northwestern football team voted on whether or not the players should unionize. They are concerned about the staggering amount of money the football team generates for the University while some collegiate players struggle to even feed themselves.

Frank N. Darras also discusses the risks that collegiate stars and NFL players face. Going from 1st round to 2nd round can drop a player’s value by $30 million.

Quote from the Show:

“The average career in the NFL is 3.9 years. Pretty unbelievable.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • To get lifetime medical coverage from the NFL you need to play 5 seasons.
  • Pro football players are four times more likely to suffer severe chronic debilitating injuries.
  • Workers’ comp alone cannot sufficiently protect against career-ending injuries.
  • Injuries are a reality of NFL preseason. Guys lose and gain roster spots because of injuries.
  • How off-the-field activities jeopardize NFL careers.
  • Athletes who step up and buy a multimillion-dollar disability policy
  • College football is considering a travel allowance for family members to see their son or daughter play.

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