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Disability insurance better sold through stories, not numbers

Many of our California readers require disability insurance but they shy away from making a purchase because they are unsure of which steps to take or what to expect along the way.

Insurance agents often promote numbers and statistics, trying to show people why they need to purchase disability insurance. However, it is often better for them to tell stories, as this will help the consumer better understand why he or she may need this type of coverage at the present time.

The president for the Council for Disability Awareness said, “Start telling stories from the audience perspective and you start to gain their attention.”

As a consumer, you may want to hear about real life situations that could call for making a disability insurance claim. This is frequently easier to understand than looking at compiled statistics, such as the number of people who don’t have disability insurance coverage.

Questions such as what would the future hold if you were unable to afford for your child to take part in a particular activity or sport should come to the forefront. These are the types of questions insurance agents need to ask, and consumers need to answer.

There is a lot that goes into buying a disability insurance policy, with many people never realizing what they need because they get so caught up in numbers that they don’t take the time to really see what they would be getting. In the event that you become disabled, it is nice to know that you can file a claim and hopefully have it approved for benefits to be paid. In the event that a claim is denied, the opportunity to file a lawsuit always exists, allowing you to collect benefits that are due to you.

Source:  Insurance News Net, “Stories, Not Stats Sell Disability Insurance” Cyril Tuohy, Jul. 21, 2014

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