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Disability insurance options in California

Many states are well aware that workers could face a disability at some point. For this reason, they provide many options for these people, ensuring that they are able to deal with their troubles in the best way possible.

According to the State of California Employment Development Department, if you are out of work due to an illness, non-industrial related injury, or pregnancy-related condition, you may be eligible for Disability Insurance (DI). With this, you will receive partial wage replacement.

There are three disability insurance plans administered by the Disability Insurance Branch of the California Employment Development Department (EDD):

State plan. Most employers in the state are covered by this plan. Voluntary plan. This private plan must be applied for through the EDD. Elective coverage. Both employers and self-employed professionals have the opportunity to elect for this coverage.

According to the California Unemployment Insurance Code, Section 2626 a disability is defined as “any mental or physical illness or injury which prevents you from performing your regular or customary work.”

There are millions upon millions of workers throughout the state of California. Along with these employees, there are companies of all sizes that hope their workers are able to remain healthy to ensure a high level of performance.

Even though the state of California does a good job providing disability insurance options, there are reasons for people to purchase an individual policy. In the event that any type of claim is denied, the denied party will want to consult their policy and then determine which steps to take next, which could include filing a formal claim.

Source: State of California Employment Development Department, “Disability Insurance” Aug. 25, 2014

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