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People in the nursing profession are among the hardest working and often least appreciated people in the workforce. They have more contact with patients than many physicians do and are essential to the treatment and healing process.

At DarrasLaw, we know that nursing can be not just an emotionally difficult profession but a physically challenging and potentially dangerous one as well. Nurses often suffer back injuries from moving and lifting patients and heavy medical equipment. Psychological disorders like depression are not uncommon. Substance abuse, whether of drugs and/or alcohol, is also an issue in this highly-stressful profession

The dangers can indeed be life-threatening. As we have seen recently with the nurses who tested positive for Ebola after treating stricken patients, those who provide hands-on care to patients with contagious diseases sometimes place their own health in jeopardy.

It’s important for registered nurses, nurse practitioners and others in the profession to take advantage of employer-sponsored disability insurance plans. However, having disability insurance does not guarantee that your claim will be accepted if you become disabled and cannot work for a time. Further, insurance companies may pay benefits for less time than it takes to recover sufficiently to return to this demanding job.

As the top disability law firm in the country, we are proud to advocate on behalf of nurses who have been unable to get the disability benefits to which they are entitled. We have a medical consultant as well as physicians and other experts whom we can call on to present the strongest possible case for our nursing clients against disability insurance companies.

If your claim has been denied, your payments are ending before you are fully recovered or you are having other issues with your disability claim, call us for a free consultation. There are time limits for appealing wrongfully-denied claims, so it’s essential to take action quickly. Our offices are in Southern California, but we help people all over the country get the insurance benefits to which they are entitled.

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