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Being a professional athlete is a dream that many people share. While this appears glamorous on the surface, those who work in this capacity realize there are many risks, such as being injured.

When players are sidelined due to injuries or sickness, the income they have come accustomed to may go away soon enough. Many professional and amateur athletes purchase long term disability insurance, knowing that this is something they need in the event of an injury or illness that cuts their career short.

While this is something athletes have been doing for years, many find out that collecting on a disability claim is easier said than done. There are many complex details that professional athletes should be aware of, including the types of insurance:

— Accident death and dismemberment. This type of insurance can be used if an athlete is injured in a bus accident, for example.

— Contract completion policies. Often purchased by owners to cover guaranteed salaries in the event that a player is injured, becomes ill, or passes on.

— Temporary total disability. This is purchased by an athlete or owner to cover salary and other expenses over a short term period.

— Permanent total disability. This insures future earnings in the event of a career-ending injury or illness.

It can be difficult for professional athletes to think about what would happen if they were put in a position where they could no longer play the game they love. Those who are seeking more information on this subject can get started by browsing our website.

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