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Appealing an individual disability insurance denial

As a working professional with individual disability insurance coverage, you hope you never have to make a claim. If you find that you do, it means you have been disabled and are now looking into your options for collecting benefits.

Since you pay for coverage, month in and month out, you expect the benefits to be available in the event that you are disabled. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always want to pay out on claims.

There is nothing simple about dealing with a denied individual disability claim. Not only are you faced with your disability and how it is changing your life, but you now have to square off against your insurance company in an attempt to get the benefits you deserve.

If you were wrongfully denied, the first thing you have to do is file an appeal. Until you do this, there is no way of knowing if the insurance company will change its mind. In some cases, an appeal is all that it takes to get your insurer to realize that they made a mistake and that you are entitled to benefits.

The appeal process can be complicated, thanks in large part to the fact that you have to provide a detailed written response. Your goal is to provide the information required by your insurer, as well as anything else, including medical and legal issues, which will improve your chance of receiving benefits.

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