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Reviewing your policies in the New Year | DarrasLaw Podcast

Frank Darras appears on Health, Wealth and Happiness to discuss why you should review your insurance policies, right now.

Our needs can change throughout the year, and it’s important to make sure your insurance policies accurately reflect those needs and provide you proper coverage. The beginning of the year is an excellent time to make these assessments.

Quote from the Show:

“If every time you write that premium check … you just sat for a second and asked, how much is my agent or broker earning in a commission on this check I’m writing? And when was the last time … where somebody really, really told me what I bought, how it works, what i might need, and is there a way I can save money by putting things together?”

What you’ll learn:

  • Why homeowners need to closely examine their insurance policy
  • It is crucial to take inventory of your possessions for insurance coverage, from your bedroom to your garage. Use your video camera or cell phone!
  • Disasters like earthquakes and floods aren’t usually covered by your homeowners insurance policy.
  • Why you might still consider earthquake or flood insurance even if you don’t think you’re at risk
  • You can get replacement cost coverage by having an appraisal and adding separate items as “floaters.” This is perfect for heirlooms, jewelry and collectibles.
  • Your insurance agent or broker should be sitting down and evaluating your insurance situation at least once a year. They collect commission for this reason, so make them do it!
  • What you probably aren’t covered for under your auto insurance – and should be

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