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One soldier helps another after a denied disability claim

A man who fought in the Vietnam War, having joined the Marines in the early 1970s, got nowhere when asking for disability assistance. The claim that he put in was denied without any reason, according to him and his wife. That happened in 1996.

The man’s wife still wanted to pursue it, but the Marine gave up. His wife has stated that the problem is that it’s just so hard to get through the system that many people stop trying. She said it was very frustrating that no one on the other end of things would do any work, saying that she had to do everything on her own. According to her, they didn’t even have the right records for when her husband served.

The man has back problems, post-traumatic stress disorder and other such ailments.

Another soldier has now stepped up to the plate to help the couple out. He was in the Army until 2011, and he had experience in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He also asked for disability benefits, and he was eventually able to get them, but he did say that it took 24 months to get through the whole system.

Knowing how hard it can be, he said that he wants to help others get through it and get the benefits that they need. He has formed a friendship with the older soldier and is helping him put his claim in again.

As this story shows, it can be very difficult to get a disability claim to go through. If you are having trouble doing this, be sure that you know what your legal options are.

Source: Clay Today, “Local VFW helps veterans manage life” Mike Ford, Feb. 12, 2015

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