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Surgeons have one of the most stressful professions there is, with people’s lives literally in their hands. Surgery is not something that can or should be performed when someone is battling a serious physical or mental illness or has suffered an injury. It means taking time — sometimes a significant amount — away from work.

Surgeons rely on their disability insurance, whether it is through a group or individual plan, to help support their families and themselves during this period. Surgeons are generally well compensated, but that means that they have mortgage payments and other bills that can add up quickly and wipe out their savings and investments if there is no money coming in because an insurance company has denied their claim or terminated their benefits.

As the top disability firm in the country, DarrasLaw understands the unique challenges that surgeons can face in obtaining the disability payments they need.

— Insurance companies sometimes limit the duration and/or amount of payments if a surgeon can still do surgery on a limited basis. That’s known as “residual disability” (as opposed to “total disability”).

— Insurers sometimes end the benefits they pay to surgeons before they can resume performing surgery. The insurance company will contend that they can still work as a general practice physician.

— When a surgeon is disabled by drug and/or alcohol dependence, insurers may limit the duration of their benefits.

The attorneys at DarrasLaw are experienced in representing surgeons and other physicians in disability insurance disputes. Our firm brings the resources and medical knowledge to the fight for our clients’ rights to full benefits. For example, drug and alcohol dependence often go hand-in-hand with other physical and mental disorders that warrant an extension of coverage.

Whatever the situation, we will work to protect your rights and to help get you the benefits to which you are entitled. We also provide guidance on important decisions like whether or not to accept a lump-sum settlement.

We know that facing a long-term illness, incapacitating injury or potentially the loss of a career you’ve worked decades to build brings fear and stress. You shouldn’t have to do battle with an insurance company alone.

If your disability claim has been denied or your benefits terminated, call us to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys to find out if we can bring our experience representing surgeons to your case.

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