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What does long-term care insurance typically cover?

Before purchasing long-term care insurance, it makes sense to learn more about what is and is not covered. There is nothing worse than thinking you have coverage for a particular situation, just to find later on that you are responsible for making the payment out of your own pocket.

Most policies on today’s market are comprehensive, meaning they provide you with the ability to implement your daily benefit in the way that suits you best. This can include but is not limited to hospice care, nursing homes, adult day service centers and assisted living facilities.

For those who are interested in using their benefits in a home setting, most long-term insurance policies cover the following services:

— Assistance with personal care, such as dressing

— Physical, speech and occupational therapy

— Skilled nursing care

While not always the case, some policies provide coverage for a variety of homemaker services, including housekeeping and meal preparation, when completed in cooperation with other types of personal care.

Many people in the market for long-term care insurance believe that their policy will cover anything and everything they need if they are injured or become ill. Since every company and policy are different, it is best to learn more before making a purchase.

Some people are surprised to find that their long-term care insurance claim has been denied. If this happens, there are steps the person can take to remedy the situation. This typically starts with filing a formal appeal with the insurance provider. In some cases, this will solve the problem. Other times, other steps such as legal action must be taken.

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