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Application errors and wrongfully denied claims

Do you have individual disability insurance? Are you ready to make a claim? If so, there is more to the process than contacting your insurance company and telling them you should receive benefits. Instead, there is an application process that requires your full attention.

If you don’t properly fill out your disability application, you could soon find your insurer denying your claim. In your mind, this is a wrongfully denied claim as you feel you are entitled to benefits. Conversely, the insurance company believes it is your fault as the application was not completed in its entirety.

There is a lot that goes into completing an individual disability application, including medical documentation describing your injury or illness. The more documentation you present, the better chance there is of receiving an approval. It is essential that your doctor explains the disability, including why it prevents you from returning to work.

Every year, many people miss out on disability benefits because they fail to provide the proper medical documentation. In the end, the policyholder is the one who suffers. The insurance company makes out because they don’t have to pay out benefits, despite the fact that they should.

Any application error can lead to a wrongfully denied claim. If you are entitled to benefits, don’t give your insurance company any reason to withhold compensation. In the event that your claim is denied, you will need to go through the appeals process. This will allow you to eventually secure the benefits that are owed to you. For more information, visit our webpage entitled “Individual Disability Applications.”

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