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What Young Graduates Need To Know About Insurance

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“Here’s your diploma….welcome to life.”

It’s graduation season. You or your loved one is preparing for what happens after turning the tassel, but how far ahead have you thought?

Getting insured may not be on that list, but it should. Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, there are decisions you’ll need to make and options you should be aware of.

In this episode, we break down some of those options for you. You’ll learn what recent graduates – and their parents – need to know about insurance.

What you’ll learn

  • Why young grads need health insurance coverage right away
  • How to get health insurance and learn what type of coverage is
    right for you
  • How life insurance provides more than a death benefit
  • Why now is the best time for young grads to buy life insurance
  • Whether renter’s insurance is a necessity for graduates
  • Where you can find reliable information on insurance matters

More Resources

Check out the resources we mentioned in this episode.

  • GradMed – Check out this resource if you need short-term major medical insurance coverage.
  • HealthCare.Gov – Find out how you can enroll for health insurance coverage, and what special options are available for recent graduates.

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