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Delay and deny: a common insurance company strategy

When you make a claim for disability benefits, you hope your insurance company will move forward in a fast and efficient manner. While this may be your hope, it is not always the way things work out. Instead, some providers shy away from working with any urgency. Instead, they slack off in an attempt to better their position.

Known as “delay and deny,” this is when an insurance company takes a slow approach to reviewing and processing a claim. The result is more money in possession of the company, which improves its bottom line. While this doesn’t do anything for you, the person who needs to receive disability payments, it works in the favor of the insurer.

Unfortunately, the success rate of this tactic has made it popular among many insurance companies. They count on the fact that somebody who is sick will not have the time, energy, or desire to fight for their rights. Furthermore, they assume that older people could pass away before benefits are paid. Either way, it is the insurer that “wins” in the end.

It is easy to pinpoint if you are a victim of the delay and deny tactic. If your insurance company continues to ask for the same information, time and time again, there is a good chance this is what they are attempting to pull off.

If you find yourself in this position, you should know your rights. You should know which steps to take to speed up the process. We have many pages of information on our website discussing the ins and outs of disability insurance.

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