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The many ways short term disability policies differ

If you are provided with a group short term disability policy from your employer, you have the ability to make a claim should you be unable to work for a period of time.

Even though many companies provide short term disability insurance, not every policy is the same. For example, the coverage you received from your past employer may not be identical to that of your current company.

Here are some of the many ways short term disability policies differ:

— Definition of disability. It is imperative to know how your policy defines a disability.

— Service wait. Do you have to work for the company a particular period of time before your policy is activated?

— Benefit rates. This is one of the most important details of a short term disability policy, as you want to know how much money you will receive in the event of a claim. Most polices pay between 40 and 70 percent of your salary.

–Exceptions. Most policies have exceptions, such as disabilities caused by drug abuse or a suicide attempt. On-the-job injuries and pre-existing conditions may also be excluded.

Group short term disability coverage is a benefit provided by many employers. You never want to find yourself having to make a claim, as it means you are unable to work. However, it is good to know that this is available should you find yourself in this position.

As long as you understand your particular policy, from what is covered to how much money you will receive, you will know what to do if you have to make a claim.

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