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The delay and deny tactic

Imagine this situation: you have made a disability insurance claim, and hope to collect benefits in the near future. Even though you may qualify for benefits, it doesn’t mean your insurance company will feel the same way. Instead, they could continue to put you off, hoping that you simply go away.

Known as the delay and deny tactic, some insurance companies will continually delay paperwork processing as a means of slowing things down. In some cases, they will require the same information multiple times. Furthermore, they will continually say they don’t have what they need in order to make a decision.

As the name suggests, the delay and deny tactic is one of the best ways for insurance companies to hang onto money for as long as possible. Not only does this put you off in hopes of eventually giving up, but it allows them to improve the appearance of their bottom line.

As unfortunate as it may be, this strategy often works because some people, especially those who are disabled, don’t have the energy to continue the fight. In the end, it is the disabled party who loses and the insurance company that wins.

Our attorneys have seen the delay and deny tactic in the past. We know what it looks like. We also know how to deal with it accordingly. If your insurance company is treating you poorly, if they don’t want to pay the money you are owed, it is time to learn more about your rights. Don’t hesitate to review our FAQs page to learn more about this tactic, among others.

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