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Neurological issues that may lead to disability claims

Neurological issues can be life-altering, and they may make it impossible for you to ever work again in California. Below are a few key issues that are highlighted by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

1. Epilepsy

With this disorder, the sudden onset of seizures can occur. Not all cases are the same, so the SSA notes that cases have to be examined to look at things like the frequency of these seizures and their duration.

2. Brain Tumors

The impact that a tumor has on a person’s life depends on what part of the brain it is located in, whether or not it is growing, and the size of the tumor. The SSA will consider lab results and notable symptoms to determine the full level of impairment.

3. Disorganization of Motor Function

This is sort of an umbrella term that can be used when referring to things like partial or complete paralysis, tremors, and other such issues. Essentially, though the limbs themselves may not be injured, their ability to respond as the person needs can be impaired by a brain injury or condition.

4. Multiple Sclerosis

This disorder can impact various parts of the body. While motor function can be inhibited, it’s worth noting that visual impairments and mental impairments can happen as well. Again, each case will need to be looked at individually because there is no guarantee that any two are the same, and the disorder can also progress as a person ages.

If you’re filing for disability payments because of these neurological issues or any others, take the time to look into all of the proper steps to take before you begin.

Source: Social Security Administration, “11.00 Neurological – Adult,” accessed March 03, 2016

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