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Long-term disability doesn’t have to keep you in 1 place

If you are dealing with a long-term disability — especially one that comes from a sudden injury — we know that it can be difficult to reintegrate into life. Your disability might be keeping you from work you once loved or making it harder to enjoy activities with your family and friends. While all of that is understandable — and is one reason individual disability insurance is a good idea — a disability doesn’t have to keep you in one place forever.

May is National Mobility Awareness Month. Manufacturers and others join in this awareness campaign to help individuals know about numerous mobility options. The awareness campaign is sponsored in part by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, which brings education about mobility aids and vehicles to the month.

One of the goals of NMEDA is to change lives by bringing awareness and access to mobility vehicles to those with long-term disabilities. From special wheelchairs to ramps to vehicles made to accommodate disabilities, NMEDA wants individuals to know what kind of options are available for getting out and about or even returning to work one day.

We know that living with a disability can be a struggle. We also know that a sudden disability can change your entire life and cause enormous financial strain. That’s why we work with clients to deal with disability claims and insurance to seek compensation for such expenses. It’s also why we love that NMEDA sponsored a Local Hero campaign in 2016. You can submit your own story and be inspired by others throughout the month of May. You can also enter the contest or vote for others who are trying to win a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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