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Video: I’ve been denied, must I appeal?

If you’ve been disabled, it is important to protect your rights. A disabled individual may need extended medical care, special therapies or other accommodations. Yet coverage under your insurance policy may not be automatic. If you were initially denied, the particular policy may require you to file an appeal.

It is imperative to consult with an attorney to get your appeal right. Don’t accidentally close the record by submitting a one-sentence declaration of your intention to appeal. A proper appeal contains a wealth of evidence, such as medical records, occupational information, medications and interactions, all symptoms you may be experiencing, and a thorough understanding of the case law that applies in your jurisdiction. Remember, too, that time is of the essence: many policies require an appeal between 90 and 180 days after the claim denial.

Finally, the procedures for submitting an appeal can vary, depending on whether your disability insurance was purchased on your own or is provided through your employer (and potentially subject to ERISA). Our law firm is experienced in representing clients who have had both types of policies.

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