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Questions regarding how to file a group disability claim


Do you have group disability insurance? If so, it is nice to know that you are protected, to a certain degree, should you become injured or ill to the point of being unable to work.

But here is something to remember: making a claim is easier said than done.

While you don’t want to find yourself in position to make a claim, as this means you have been injured or become ill, it’s something to take advantage of if the time comes.

Here are some of the many questions regarding how to file this type of claim:

— When does it make sense to file a claim?

— How long does it take to receive disability benefits if a claim is approved?

— What are the most common reasons for a claim being denied?

— What type of information is required by the insurance company to make a final decision?

— Is claim information kept confidential, or is it shared with your employer?

— Are disability benefits taxable?

Along with the above, you may also find yourself addressing questions if your claim has been denied. This means you need to take additional steps to hopefully receive an approval in the future.

It is good to know how the group disability claim process works, even if you don’t think you will ever need to receive this type of benefit. When you have the right information guiding you, it’s possible to make sound decisions without any delays. And this is exactly what you need if you are injured or ill and need to receive benefits.

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