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Man claims he was wrongfully denied long-term disability benefits

A man who says he is disabled claims his insurer wrongfully denied his long-term disability benefits.

The man has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The named defendant is United of Omaha Life Insurance Co. The plaintiff alleges that when he became disabled and filed a claim with the insurance company, it was denied. The man alleged in his complaint that since he believes he was eligible for the long-term disability benefits according to the plan’s terms, United Omaha Life Insurance Co. should be held responsible.

The man is employed by the city of Long Beach, California, and he is seeking that the long-term disability plan be reinstated, payment of any disability benefits that are due to the plaintiff, and for those payments to continue until the man is no longer disabled. He is also seeking his legal fees.

Long-term disability insurance is what many people rely on when they have become unable to work because of an illness or injury. When the insurance companies are not willing to approve benefits for someone who feels he or she is entitled to them, there are options. However, those options depend on if the long-term disability plan is one through an employer or one that was purchased individually. An attorney who is experienced in long-term disability lawsuits is necessary when it comes to understanding the various options available to you. If there is an error mad on your behalf, it could cost you your long-term disability benefits. This is why an attorney’s advice and guidance is so important.

Source: Northern California Record, “United Omaha Life wrongfully denied benefits, man claims,” Wadi Reformado, Aug. 03, 2016

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