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A Bandage Won’t Heal Your Career

What do physicians, surgeons and dentists have in common?

Besides being in the medical field, these are occupations that are not thought of as being physical jobs. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as many medical professionals have their careers significantly altered or even ended by injuries.

This was illustrated in recent days in the case of Dr. Monica Morrow, a world-renowned breast-cancer surgeon. She was hit by two cars that jumped the curb while she walked to her first surgery of the day on September 8, suffering injuries to her leg, right wrist and right hand.

She is suing the negligent drivers for $10 million, claiming that the severity of the injuries could leave her unable to operate again. If true, this will be a loss for her financial wellbeing as well as a loss to future breast-cancer patients who will not be able to benefit from her skill and care as a surgeon.

Dr. Morrow’s case is tragic, and it goes to highlight the dangers facing medical professionals. One accident, one trip and fall, or one freak injury could end their ability to make a living in their field.

Protect Yourself With Disability Insurance

With so much at stake, it is crucial for medical professionals to have disability insurance to protect their livelihood in the event of an injury. However, simply having the insurance is often not enough. The claims process can be extremely complex, with claimants benefitting from the help of a knowledgeable disability lawyer.

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