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Physician fights long-term disability denial

Can depression be a reason for a long-term disability denial? One man, who is a physician, is suing Life Insurance Co. of North American and Does 1-10 for failing to pay him the long-term disability payments he says are due.

The physician applied for long-term disability benefits in April 2013 for a psychiatric disability. The insurer approved payment of his benefits; however, the doctor was told that his benefits would only be available for two years. This was the case, the insurer said, even if the doctor remained completely disabled because of the psychiatric condition. The doctor learned on May 4, 2015, that the insurer would not be paying any more long-term disability benefits. The doctor appealed the ruling, listing in his appeal that his acute, chronic nerve damage is proof that he is disabled.

The complaint holds that the insurer is responsible because they cut off the man’s disability benefits even though he was still disabled, failed to contact the doctors that were treating him for his impairments and failed to consider his post-operative disabilities and radiculopathy.

The doctor wants a jury trial and a judgment in his favor, including interest, costs, reimbursement of expenses, attorney’s fees and more.

When you have a long-term disability police in effect, you expect that policy to provide you with the long-term disability benefits you deserve. When this doesn’t happen, your life — both personal and professional — can be turned upside down. An experienced lawyer can help you determine how to proceed with your claim or if a lawsuit is the right option.

Source: Northern California Record, “Physician claims insurance company wrongly denied him long-term disability,” Jenie Mallari-Torres, Oct. 09, 2016

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