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Paperwork for individual disability claims can be tricky

People in California and elsewhere often complete their disability applications by themselves. However, the paperwork can be complicated, and having someone familiar with the process to help you can make the difference between obtaining benefits or having your claim denied.

Insurance companies will use any excuse possible to deny benefits, and they will scrutinize all aspects of a person’s individual disability claims, beginning with the application itself.

If a claim application has an area that has not been filled out properly or if something is missing from the document, it is not uncommon for an insurance company to use this as an excuse not to pay the claim.

However, an attorney can walk you through the process of filing your claim. This will ultimately help to prevent an avoidable delay or denial.

One thing that insurance companies look for during the individual disability claim process is strong medical documentation. The documentation you get from your physician needs to clearly explain your disability and why this disability keeps you from being able to work.

Even seemingly minor details could cause your claim paperwork to be returned to you, thus forcing you to start the process over. In fact, not providing the correct documentation is a common cause of the denial or delay of an individual disability claim.

Insurance companies work hard to limit the amount of benefits they pay out. Thus, unfortunately, even claim paperwork that is filled out properly can lead to the denials of individual disability claims. With the help of an attorney, you may successfully fight for the benefits to which you are entitled when dealing with a disability. Contact DarrasLaw for a free consultation or policy analysis today.

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