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3 Reasons IT Professionals Need Long-Term Disability Insurance

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As an IT professional, you are invaluable to the company you work for, providing the information technology support they need to keep operations flowing smoothly.

If something were to happen to you it would be a large blow to the company but, more importantly, it would be a big financial blow to you and your family if you lack long-term disability insurance coverage.

To drive home the importance of making sure you are covered, here is our list of the top three reasons IT professionals cannot afford to be without long-term disability insurance.

1. IT Professionals Are Not Immune From Physical Risks

When thinking of workplace injuries it is easy to overlook the risks facing IT professionals. While there may not be much heavy lifting or use of dangerous tools, IT pros often suffer from:

  • Ergonomic issues
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Vision problems, including computer vision syndrome
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome

If any of these issues keep you from working, you and your family will be in financial peril.

2. Rest & Treatment Will Not Always Be The Answer

Sometimes afflictions such as carpal tunnel syndrome can be managed with strategic treatments and rest, allowing an IT professional to continue working a full schedule. However, some physical and mental disabling conditions will not allow an IT pro to continue working. In those scenarios it is crucial to have long-term disability coverage to make ends meet.

3. Long-Term Disability Coverage Provides Peace of Mind

Having long-term disability insurance allows you to focus on your career knowing that you will have benefits available in the event an injury or condition prevents you from continuing to work.

It is still important to make sure you have a strong advocate fighting for you if you need to make a claim. The insurance companies will likely try to dispute the cause or nature of your disability in order to avoid paying out on your claim.

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