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Long-Term Disability Claims Checklist

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You’ve paid your long-term disability insurance premiums and you need your policy benefits to keep you and your family afloat now that your disability is keeping you from working.

We have some bad news and some good news for you.

The Bad News

There’s no way around it: long-term disability claims are complicated and the process for maximizing insurance payouts is not easy to navigate. Insurance companies rake in massive profits for a reason: they do everything in their power to pay out as little as possible when policyholders make a claim.

The Good News

You are not in this alone. With the help of a proven long-term disability lawyer, you can get the compensation you deserve and avoid the headache of dealing with the claims process and insurance company on your own. All you need to do is follow this handy checklist.

1. Request Your Claim File

Before you are able to progress any further, it is important to have your claim file so you understand just what is involved and what you are dealing with. Then, you can reach out for the help you need.

2. Contact DarrasLaw, America’s Top Disability Law Firm

With the skill, experience, and reputation of DarrasLaw on your side the insurance company will know you mean business.

We have built and expanded our practice across the country by helping policyholders avoid the pitfalls of the claims process and take home the financial resources they need to make ends meet.

3. Ask The Right Questions

Your attorney will make sure you are asking the right questions about your claim, such as “what compensation am I entitled to for my disability?”, “is this settlement offer in my best interest?”, and “is there financial benefit to taking this claim to trial?”

4. Spend Time On Research and Preparation

Thorough preparation by your attorney will lead to the bulletproof documentation you need to prevail against the insurance company. It cannot be overstated how important this is, as the insurance company will be ready to exploit any and all mistakes.

5. Reach Out To Your Doctor and Your Employer

In addition to your medical records, having a written statement from your physician can go a long way toward demonstrating the merits of your long-term disability claim. In the same vein, a statement from your former employer can assist in building a strong case for obtaining the disability compensation you need.

6. Let Your Family Work In Your Favor

The insurance company knows all the tricks and that includes sending out private investigators to check your story. Catching you doing something you say you can’t do – such as physical labor or lifting heavy objects – is their goal.

On the flip side, your case can benefit from the stories your loved ones can tell about how your disability affects your life, and the real impact that long-term disability benefits would have for you and your family.

7. Never Give Up

A denial is not the end of the road, as many claims that are initially denied are successful upon appeal.

The skilled team at DarrasLaw can make sure you have strong representation at every stage of the long-term disability claims process. Call 800-898-7299 to get your free case review.


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