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Hosting a Super Bowl party? Know the X’s and O’s of your homeowners’ policy – II

Last time, we discussed how football fans of all stripes planning to end the season in style by hosting a Super Bowl LI party — from small gatherings of family and friends to neighborhood blowouts — will want to add making sure they’re current on their homeowners’ premiums to their list of party preparations, as the failure to do so could see their savings sacked.

To help convince those who doubt that this task needs to be added to the already lengthy to-do list before kickoff, we discussed the major legal exposure that could result from an intoxicated guest causing a car accident. In today’s post, we’ll huddle up and conclude this discussion.

Second down: Injured guests

As much as you want to think the party will go off without a hitch, there’s no telling what kind of mishap could occur. It’s possible that the wall mount you thought you installed so expertly wasn’t quite so sturdy, sending your new 4K television crashing onto a guest below. Or maybe that playful tackle you put on a guest results in a trip to the hospital.

It’s for these reasons that a person has homeowners’ insurance, as it includes coverage for medical injuries sustained by guests and liability coverage in case you are hit with a lawsuit.

Third down: Cooking mishaps

Statistics from the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association reveal that as many as one in four grill owners will be firing it up for the big game. While this isn’t really news in warmer climes like California, it’s a decidedly more hazardous proposition in places where snow and ice are the norm, as there are more fire risks.

In the unfortunate event of a house fire, whether caused by a grill left unattended while its owner went inside to warm up or a grease fire spread by the warm breeze through an open window, dwelling coverage under a standard homeowners’ policy should cover the cost of repair or reconstruction.

Fourth down: Stolen items

Part of being a good host means being welcoming, so it’s natural for hosts to allow friends of friends and friends of friends of friends to attend the party. Of course, there’s always the chance that one of these unknown guests could help themselves to a few of your prized throwback jerseys or other valuables without your knowledge.

As frustrating as these turnovers can be, the personal property coverage under a homeowners’ policy should cover the losses.

Here’s hoping for a great — and incident-free — Super Bowl LI for hosts and guests everywhere.

Source: USA Today, “Super Bowl party fouls: How home insurance defends your turf,” Alex Glenn, January 29, 2016

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