LTD and ERISA Deadline Extensions You Should Know

Posted July 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions for anyone filing short- and long-term disability claims. The Department of Labor (DOL) recognized just how impactful the pandemic has been on patients in the U.S. and acted on it by thankfully suspending many long-term disability deadlines. This is good news for anyone who filed a claim with […]

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What Is a Good Lump Sum Offer on My Long-Term Disability Case?

Posted July 10, 2020

Long-term disability insurance covers people against the financial impact of unexpected injuries or sicknesses that leave them out of work for an extended period (or permanently). People covered by long-term disability insurance can receive periodic monthly payments for as long as they are disabled and their carrier agrees, or a single lump-sum payment that (in […]

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Winning ERISA LTD Appeals

Posted July 9, 2020

If a long-term disability (LTD) insurance provider subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, has denied part or all of your claim for disability benefits, you do not have to take “no” for an answer. You have the right to timely and comprehensively appeal the claim denial so that you receive the […]

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Why Was Your Short-Term or Long-Term Disability Claim Denied?

Posted June 25, 2020

Countless workers have experienced the frustration of submitting a claim for short-term or long-term disability benefits through their employer-sponsored disability insurance plan, only to have their legitimate claims denied. Group disability insurance is supposed to be there when injured or sick workers need it most. Being told “no” by an insurance company feels like a […]

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Steps Nurses Must Know When Applying for Long-Term Disability Insurance

Posted June 22, 2020

A long-term disability is when an insured, as a result of an injury or illness cannot perform the important duties of his or her regular occupation, or in some cases is unable to do any occupation by which they are trained, educated, or suited. The COVID-19 pandemic is a devastating emerging risk in the medical […]

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Why Nursing is Such a Physically and Mentally Challenging Profession

Posted June 12, 2020

Nursing professionals are an integral part of the American healthcare delivery system. Today, our nurses are recognized as heroes amid the coronavirus pandemic and are celebrated frontline workers. Physical and mental stresses are often byproducts of their working experiences. Below are some challenges our nursing clients have faced that have led to short and long-term […]

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The Types of Work-Related Disabilities Nurses Face


Nearly 3 million nurses work on the frontlines and behind the scenes protecting all of us here in the United States. These essential workers have the skills to heal and treat patients while also supporting other medical professionals. They are regularly in harm’s way, because of the work related hazards faced by nurses and health […]

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It Is Time To Pay Our College Athletes

Posted June 9, 2020

With college athletics as we know them on hold for the time being, the pressure may have eased ever so slightly on the NCAA to come up with a solution to the long-simmering issue of college-athlete compensation. Despite NCAA President Mark Emmert’s adamant insistence in recent Senate testimony that he will never endorse any model […]

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Effective Long-Term Group Disability Appeals


Workers who have applied for group long-term disability benefits under an employer-sponsored insurance plan do not have to take no for an answer. They have important legal rights including filing a timely, comprehensive administrative appeal with their insurer after a bad-faith claim denial, and after that, a federal ERISA lawsuit to collect their disability benefits. […]

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Name, Image and Likeness Rights in College Sports

Posted May 27, 2020

The pressure ratcheted up on the NCAA Board of Governors recently when Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill into law giving college athletes rights to profit off of their names, images, and likenesses starting in 2023. It is the third name-image-likeness (NIL) law passed by a state legislature, joining California which passed a law […]

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