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WebMD Interviews Frank N. Darras On Impacts of Long-Covid in the Workplace

WebMD interviewed attorney Frank N. Darras in an article discussing the impacts of long-Covid in the workplace. Frank was able to help educate the public on accommodations available to employees in the workplace that can help them as they struggle through their daily lives living with this potentially debilitating condition.

“It’s terrifying to be suffering from a disease and a problem that there’s no cure for yet,” says Darras, a founding partner of law firm DarrasLaw in Ontario, CA. “And having your job and your family’s financial future hanging in the balance … is horrific for the employee.”

Click here to read the full article:  https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20221024/dont-lose-the-talent-how-to-help-employees-with-long-covid



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