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Frank Darras Publishes Article in Law360: “Game-Changing Decisions Call For New Rules At The NCAA”

Posted May 7, 2024

By Frank Darras (May 6, 2024) For years, there have been plenty of reasons why fans, athletes and stakeholders have had special disdain for the National Collegiate Athletics Association and its draconian policies. Books have been written on how the NCAA has unfairly limited college players’ rights for nearly a century. However, since the U.S. […]

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Frank Darras Cited In Law360: Insurance Backs Up College Athletes About To Turn Pro

Posted May 1, 2024

Frank Darras Cited in Law 360 Article: “…rarely do I see someone from a college or a university that’s in tune with how Draconian and difficult the application is,” Darras said. “Think about it: Is a college junior or senior ready to look at a 50-question,very pointed application asking about detailed health history since they […]

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