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What New Graduates Need To Know About Insurance

Posted June 9, 2017

Securing the proper insurance coverage may be the last thing on a recent graduate’s mind, but it shouldn’t be. As many grads face the prospect of student loans and a tough job market, purchasing anything beyond health insurance may not be a personal or financial priority. However, failing to purchase certain types of insurance – […]

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Do I really need extra insurance for the rental car?

Posted May 21, 2017

Summer season is quickly approaching and many people are starting to plan their vacations. Family outings often cost consumers a substantial amount of money. Some of the expenses involve purchasing plane tickets, reserving hotel accommodations, and booking car rentals. When it comes to renting a vehicle, it is common for agents to urge the purchase […]

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Two ways to put high car insurance costs in the rearview mirror

Posted May 12, 2017

Our blog recently examined some ways in which consumers may be overpaying for insurance. In particular, we addressed how owners of older vehicles might be paying in excess for collision coverage. Unfortunately, consumers sometimes overpay for particular auto insurance policies. As disillusioning as this is, individuals can level the playing field. Below are two simple […]

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You may pay more for car insurance after an accident – even if you’re not at fault

Posted February 24, 2017

From speeding and tailgating to running red lights and using smartphones, chances are good that you witnessed some fairly remarkable — and fairly frightening — behavior on the part of fellow motorists as you drove into work sometime over the last week. While you do your best to drive defensively to protect yourself and your […]

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Understanding the roller-coaster that is car insurance premiums

Posted February 10, 2017

One of the more frustrating realities for vehicle owners, outside of costly repairs, is learning that their insurance premiums will be rising by a not insubstantial amount. Conversely, one of the most satisfying moments for vehicle owners, outside of learning that they won’t need those costly repairs, is learning that their insurance premiums will be […]

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Auto Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

Posted January 31, 2017

It is time to treat your insurance policies like you treat your investments. That means taking the time to periodically review and adjust your portfolio to ensure you have the coverage you need. Making a small investment of time in reviewing and adjusting your auto insurance policy can save you money over the long-haul, providing […]

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Report: Astounding number of people live in areas where car insurance is ‘unaffordable’

Posted January 25, 2017

For many people, the process of sitting down to create a monthly budget is always a somewhat odious task. That’s largely because it serves to remind them of all the expenses they must pay on a regular basis, and just how inconvenient it is to have to remit a not insubstantial check or credit card […]

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How your driving record may be affecting more than just your car insurance

Posted January 19, 2017

Those individuals with a somewhat checkered driving record are all too aware of how the mistakes of the past — accidents, speeding violations, DUIs — can come back to haunt them when it comes to car insurance. Indeed, the unfortunate reality is that their momentary lapse in judgment behind the wheel more often than not […]

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Three Insurance Coverage Gaps You Shouldn’t Ignore

Posted December 9, 2016


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You thought you covered the essentials: your home, your car, and your health are all insured. What else could you need? Unfortunately, many Americans who insure their basic needs have gaps in coverage that can unexpectedly drain their savings if disaster strikes.

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Do you need to check your math on car insurance? – II

Posted December 7, 2016

Yesterday, we spent some time discussing how many of us don’t give a second thought to paying our car insurance premiums, absent-mindedly writing checks or clicking “submit payment” every six months or once per year, and how this inattention can prove costly. We also spent some time conducting what amounted to a Car Insurance 101, […]

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