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Can the Insurance Company Investigate My Past And Interview People About My Credibility?

Frank Darras:

“We often hear about ex-boyfriends, ex-business partners, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends. Why would a carrier want to interview all those exes? Because when you file your claim for disability, the insurance company wants to put you at the top of the ugly tree.”

“They’re going to talk to everybody who’s got something to talk about in terms of veracity, or your credibility, or you didn’t tell the truth, or you cheated on her or you’re cheated your partner out of this or that.”

“So if you got prior lawsuits, if you got prior partners, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, be prepared. The carrier will investigate and try and prove that you’re untrustworthy, you’re un-credible, you don’t tell the truth, and therefore they can discount all your complaints of pain and limitation.”

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