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How can my Social Media Activity Affect My Individual Disability Insurance Case?

Frank Darras:

“Your social media activity can be devastating to your individual disability case. If you’ve got a mental nervous problem and you say you’re sad, you’re depressed, it’s difficult for you to focus and concentrate, and your Facebook has pictures of you out and about, or your Twitter is tweeting constantly about where you are and what your activities are, or you’re LinkedIn still has you as the Executive Vice President of the NFL, that was two years ago. Why is it still up there?”

“How often do we post pictures of us crying or pictures of us sad or depressed or not being able to get out of bed? Those aren’t the kind of photos that I see on social media. So every time you post, every time you tweet, every time you put something up at Pinterest, every time you don’t update your LinkedIn,–”

“And it doesn’t matter whether your Facebook is private. Some of your friends aren’t. And they’re going to friend your friend to see pictures about how you spend your day in a disabled way. Social media can be fatal.”

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