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How can my Social Media Activity Affect my Long Term Disability Claim?

Frank Darras:

“Social media and your activity can devastate your long term disability claim. If you’ve been disabled for over two years, why does your LinkedIn profile show you as an Executive Vice President of your last company? Why does Facebook show you at a concert or at a wedding, or with dance pictures? Pinterest activities, all the social media problems, Twitter– I don’t go out during the day, but boy oh boy, there’s those tweets of you at some place during a time that you said you were going to be home.”

“Social media doesn’t show the sadness. It doesn’t impart your depression it doesn’t tell the story about not being able to bend or lift or stoop, or push or pull. Facebook, just because you’re private, doesn’t mean the insurance company isn’t friending your friend to be able to get in to take a look at your pictures.”

“Pictures are worth a thousand words. And in your long term disability case, a bad picture equals denial.”

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