Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

Frank Darras:

“Functional capacity evaluations are usually two hours, four hours, a full day, or two days. If you say you can’t bend, lift, stoop, push, pull, or carry, and your treatment’s been relatively stable– same visits, same frequency, same medication– the carrier is going to want to send you to a functional capacity evaluation. They’re going to have you bend. They’re going to have you lift. They’re going to have you stoop. They’re going to have you sit. They’re going to have you stand. There isn’t any smiling face for any disabled insured for gutting through a functional capacity evaluation.”

“If you finish and you aren’t vocal about your pain severity, the carrier’s going to understand you got through a four hour exam without pain, without restriction, and without limitation. So be vocal. Let them know, I took my pain medication immediately when I came in. If it’s too difficult, stop. I love functional capacity evaluations that have blood pressure monitoring. That way, if you are in pain, we’re going to see an elevation in your blood pressure. Also, they’re going to videotape you on the way to that functional capacity evaluation and on the way home, so make sure your activities match your restrictions and limitations.”

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