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My Insurance Company Wants Me To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits. Am I Required to Apply?

Frank Darras:

“We often hear insurance companies requesting that you apply for Social Security disability benefits. Always check your certificate or your policy for the offsets, the other income provisions. Your insurance company can offset, dollar for dollar, for the money that you received or that you’re eligible to receive from Social Security disability.”

“It helps if you apply and you’re found disabled, because if you’re in the own occupation period, where you’re protected because you can’t do your occupation, and Social Security finds that you’re disabled from any occupation, they must give that finding significant weight.”

“If, on the other hand, you don’t have a very good treatment record, you haven’t been able to afford medications or to see the doctor because you lost your coverage, probably not the time to apply for Social Security disability. One of those tricky areas that you probably should get some help before you do anything.”

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