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What If The Insurance Company Wants To Speak With Your Doctor?

Frank Darras:

“One of the most subtle tricks insurance companies use is to try and get your doctor on the phone during the middle of a busy day. Oh sure, she’s just going to drop everything and remember your file after seeing 40 patients in her office earlier that day. You can avoid that. Make sure the insurance company sends your doctor a list of questions in writing. Or they plan a time when your doctor’s got your file, you’ve provided the job description, you’ve also alerted your doctor about your restrictions and limitations.”

“Don’t forget the cognitive side effects from the medication. You can’t focus, hard to concentrate, can’t stay on task, and the sleep disruption. It’s hard to get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed from sleep. Your doctor can do a good job when he speaks with the insurance company doctor if you’ve been a good patient in terms of laying out your problems.”

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