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How could Language In The Mental Nervous Provision Affect My Claim?

Frank Darras:

“Oftentimes, in your mental nervous provision of your individual policy, you’ll have “contributed to” language as opposed to “caused by.” What’s the difference, and how will it affect you?”

“”Caused by” means just that. If I’ve got a mental problem; if I’ve got major depression or schizophrenia or agoraphobia, a doctor, a psychologist, a therapist can talk about what caused my agoraphobia. If, on the other hand, my policy has “contributed to” language, if I’ve got back pain, and now I’m sad and depressed that I can’t go out and play with my kids, carriers can use the “contributed to” language to limit my benefits to 12 or 24 months. Be very careful about the “caused by” or “contributed to” language in your mental nervous provision.”

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