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Frank Darras:

“Tips for buying a great individual disability policy. Make sure first, it’s non-cancelable. That way if the insurance company is getting killed, losing so much money on a book of business, they can’t just cancel it and leave you high and dry.”

“Second, guaranteed renewable. I want to make sure that my premium is going to stay the same price year after year, even when I get older.”

“Third, occupation specific. Most important, I want to protect my education. I want to protect my professional degree. Or I want to protect my expertise. I want occupation specific coverage so that if I become disabled, it’s the important duties of what I do that determines whether I’m disabled.”

“Four, make sure your mental, nervous, or sefl-report limitations are longer than 24 months, if possible.”

“Five, buy a policy with cost of living adjustment. That way it’s cheap at the beginning, and if you go unclaimed, you get an annual bump to keep pace with inflation.”

“Those are my top five tips for buying a great individual disability policy.”

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